All We Have Is Each Other

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I’m not going to lie. I’ve not really been one to rely on secondhand information or to reply to pleas for help from someone I’ve never known…. But I’ve done this before and I’ll do it again and again and again.

Though I’m still on the fence as to the ability for a being to survive wholly on their own willpower, I’ll admit that maybe it’s the willpower to ask for HELP that makes a person powerful, and NO PERSON deserves to have their requests blindly turned away.

So, here’s the story.

I’m a gamer, an avid one, and during the course of the last few years, I’ve come to love bits and pieces of a modding community for the game Minecraft. Among this community lies another sub community for a specific mod called Computercraft and within this tangled web of things mostly unimportant, lies a single individual requesting for assistance from a community that he has helped to cultivate.

Cloudy as he is called, is a gentleman from Britain, who is need of funds for a very SERIOUS issue located in the states. Though this has only recently come to my attention, I’ll honestly say that if you’re still reading, you’re the type of individual who honestly cares about others thoughts… Even if they may seem random, disjointed, or even absurd.

Read. Absorb. Decide on an action… Whether that be to believe this story to be true (Which through the mere act of an entire modding community backing this one individual, I’d highly doubt it isn’t) and the choice to pass this link on, make noise and raise hell, or if you can, fund what you’re able and comfortable with…. These are things that you must decide.

I’m doing what I can by passing it on. By passing the torch to someone else, but keeping the light presented by the fire in my heart as it goes, it’s something I’ve been seeing myself do… Not because one CAN, but because one SHOULD.

Please, don’t pass this by… Don’t let the torch stay stagnant.

The truth really is, that all we have is each other.

The Pandoric Fae Poet

Devin Erebus Faye


Bittersweet. Not the Park…. This Time.

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Today, I had an entire set of years invade my emotions. Peers from way back when graduating was both the highlight to my day and the reason to slump in my seat.

Whether they know it, I’m so very proud of doing something I never did…. And though I don’t agree with our education system in the States, I’ll never do what my friends Al, Briannah, and Brittany did today. 50+ credits, required college credits, the emphasis on KEEPING art in our community… These are AMAZING feats. These are commendable actions, taking much time… All in the effort of having a better life.

For all the wisdom I’ve gained in my events, I’ll never do something as great as them.

If you three ever read this, I hope you realize the amount of joy I hold for your accomplishments. The determination to do something boring, sometimes idiotic, often stressful… That’s more reason that I KNOW you’ll do something great.

Don’t just reach for the stars though… You deserve to know you ARE one. Brightness in the dark, a leader for those lost, warmth and company.

Congratulations UCPS 2013 Graduates.

You’ve made it!


The Pandoric Fae Poet

Devin Erebus Faye

My Middle Name Should Be Irony

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Because not a single moment of my life has shown to be anything but ironic… And funnily enough, I’m perfectly fine with knowing this. It’s what makes my story interesting… what drives the events forward like a good tag line. It’s what draws people into questioning why I act the way I do and why I take so much faith into the idea of chaos and the unknown.

Who else has the priviledge of getting a message from the very apartments you once lived in asking if you’d like to apply for work in exchange for living space?

Who else has the knowledge that death is a neccessary part of being alive but can’t die?

And what person do you have in your life takes the idea of everything being connected so literally that they indentify individuals by the type of change they will make in getting to be a better person? Accepts the losses as something grand but also aches inside when it happens?

Loves so unconditionally that they refuse to be in a relatinship… If only because they know they’ll never put that person first?

These are the things I deal with on a regular basis… The little ironic things that make me laugh and die on the inside, both at the very same time, and willingly allows life to be as so.

This is what I live for… What I know I wont ever die for. And this is why I enjoy every moment as best as I can… Because I know how broken the entire process is and I STILL wouldn’t have it any other way.


The Pandoric Fae Poet

Devin Erebus Faye

The Press Praise the Proud, the Privileged, and the Political.

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But never do the praise the professional, the philosophical, the poor men with who our country lies to keep floating only long enough to tire out and drown. One of the papers located in my town has recently praised the public school district for it’s ability to “.. do a lot to help kids graduate and make sure they get challenged in the classroom.”, but never has this particular paper mentioned that according to state wide assessments, less then 40% (As an AVERAGE between the three high schools within Greeley-Evans District 6) have tested as PROFICIENT or ADVANCED within the categories of Writing, Math, Reading, and Science… Less the FORTY percent testing at a BASIC level… Enough to function in today’s world.

And this district is getting PRAISED for contributing to that percentage.

And the worst of it is that these teachers, superintendents, and parents all believe that the most important  aspect of education is graduating. Not the understanding of things that have been learned, not critical thinking, nor the ability to do basic math, reading, or writing… Nope, making it into the big, wide, dangerous world with a diploma is far more important then being an educated individual.

And some people wonder why my generation is so damn idiotic? Really? Because though being more understanding then my prior generations is a wonderful claim to have, it’s not the CORRECT claim to have…

Understanding only gets you so far in life. Being able to solve problems in an intelligent manner is far more important however…. And It kills me that at the young age of 21, one of the few I know to have “failed” High School, and the person who is currently and has been homeless, I have more understanding of what’s going on in today’s world then my elders.

Am I allowed to be upset? Allowed to feel that It’s insulting to be where I am when people with basic level skills are surviving while I’m struggling?

Because I’m here… And I am. I’m insulted, I’m angry, i’m disappointed, and I’m weighed down with the knowledge of having more to give then sixty plus percent of people within a decade of my age. What can I do but express honestly what I know to be true?


The Pandoric Fae Poet

Devin Erebus Faye

A New Day is Dawning AKA Poet Wordplay

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Sometimes, I have to wonder what persuades me to forget about all that I’ve known to be important… But then I shake from my madness and realize that what I go after is ALWAYS important. And that leads to some of the most absurd times, ones that have little to no meaning in the grand scheme of me… In what I’m supposed to become.

That link, is the very culmination of being silent while I have a long line of individuals berating my behavior.

An ironic nickname I received in high school was “The Time Wizard” and now that I’m struggling with the need of patience, the one that can’t wait for June 8th to blow myself, my peers, and all those who have doubted what I could achieve, away, I’d hope to have at least some part of that silly name to myself. I’d LOVE to speed up time just to make all this work worth it sooner.

And truthfully, it WILL be worth it… Something about hearing artists and entertainers being excited to invite people to an event, makes my heart warm and exceptionally fuzzy. Nothing short of a miracle for myself is happening that day and that’s something that I can’t not believe.

So, if you know anybody in the cities of Ft. Collins, Loveland, Greeley, Evans, or Denver, Send them that link. Invite them to be a part of a new community, to enjoy themselves in fun and silly ways, to bring further success to an event too long-planned and too much believed in to conceivably fail. This is going to be big.


The Pandoric Fae Poet

Devin Erebus Faye

Suicide Squirrels, Spicy Tofu, and Sincerely Unusual Thinking.

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Yep. yesterday ranked up higher on the weird scale… And that’s saying quite a bit. I started off the day enjoying squirrel antics with Seth (Quickwitted’s Graphic Designer), then working from 10 until 4 (Yay! Paid work!!) and while attempting to pick up pay for the day, I had a squirrel attempt to kill itself on my bike tire (The damned thing ran out of the grass, into my tire with a rebound, and then back into the grass), and finally, by the days end, I had grown hungry for solitary confinement, and decided to eat at a chinese restaurant an hour before it closed ordering a heaping plateful of spicy tofu, six fried dumplings and delicious chinese tea…. All with the added entertainment and DAWWWW factor of having a few young ones in the restaurant that made me desperately want kids.

I’m 21 and I REALLY want a kid… To be a father is…. Terrifying? Amazing? Wonderful? Unheard of?

Yeah…. It’s been a strange 24 hours. Maybe it’s time to put effort into seriously making something of my life eh? Getting on my feet and beginning to pursue relationships?

Lots to dwell and sleep on I suppose.

Well, ’twas a short post, but more will be happening in the future and I can guarantee, that things will be a bit spicier.

Love you all!


The Pandoric Fae Poet

Devin Erebus Faye

Apologies, Accountability, Anger, and Affirmation

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I suck.

Well, I suck sometimes.

Maybe it’s true that I think that I suck more often then anyone else believes the same, maybe I shouldn’t be as hard on myself, and maybe, just maybe I’ll figure out why I self-sabotage so often, but for today, I’m going to playfully harass myself….

“But why would you do that?”

Simply put, it’s because I’ve lost track of what things have been important to me. Writing has suddenly broken off from being easy and enjoyable to infuriatingly complex and time consuming, the individuals I’ve once trusted are currently digging their own graves, and the entirety of normal actions (those that include every abnormal hitting the fan all at the same time) are all ceasing to be a “Thing” and I’m bored out of my mind with the dull and often unproductive actions of everyday living.

How many times can one person go through the actions of cleaning, eating, and being a social recluse before driving themselves insane?

I’ll likely never know, because it’s the entire event of being absurd that makes my life bearable…. And simply, my current stage of life is becoming mundane.

This can’t be happening. It shouldn’t be happening, as this isn’t what I’ve been cultured into. I NEED something to be weird. NEED crazy to meet me halfway. Hell, I NEED extraordinary to be EVERYDAY with nothing left to imagine.

So, here’s what I’m proposing for myself, the people I’m around, and those individuals who had, for a time, seen my writing as entertaining…

Keep me accountable.

I’m not talking everyday posting (As I literally can’t keep that up right now) but 3 or 4 times a week. Keep me from going insane while also understanding that I can’t go somewhere where I already reside. Challenge me to be better, as I feel I’m not doing a good enough job as is.


The Pandoric Fae Poet

Devin Erebus Faye

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