Wordy Winter Worry (A Poet’s Faerie Tail)

Something I’ve been bouncing around in my head for quite a long time has been the idea of the ever important story of my life… Not just updates or snippets of things I think or believe, but the meat and potatoes  of my very own life, related in such a way as to be reminiscent of “Ye bards of olde”.

As an introduction to these posts, I’d like it to be clear as can possibly be, that these stories are REAL LIFE accounts of what I’ve been through and are therefore, both personal and adult in nature.

I’ve been through several hells that no person should find themselves going through and what you may read may occasionally hit close to home or even disturb you.

You have been warned.

… but snow, snow takes the white icing off the cake for an object carrying multiple intense feelings. See, snow and I go way back… Even to the times I try to believe never happened. My earliest memory of snow comes when I was five. My mother, the ever drinking, sleeping, and then drinking again nightmare that she was, provided a backdrop most insane, when wearily napping off a migraine filled hangover, she left me in-charge of two husky puppies we had at the time. Normally, such an event was an easy and melancholy task, but this particular morning in the snow filled portion of spring, both the huskies and I witnessed the onslaught of what a Colorado blizzard could be. After several freezing minutes in a thin white shirt and young boy boxers, the pups (finished with the fun of romping in snow and relieving their oddly infinite bladders) ran for the door I had just shut to prevent a draft coming into, of all things, A GARAGE (which quite conveniently, connected to the interior of the house) only to find themselves (and poor, frozen, 5 year old, not quite awake, not at all dressed for this sort of weather) ME locked outside. For near on an hour, I pounded and screamed and cried my little lungs to all but silent, hoping and praying for my mother to at least find her fuzzy and irresponsible brain annoyed just enough to come open the door. It was only after another hour of numbing cold, when one of our neighbors came stumbling out of their door with own dogs in tow, did they find me curled up shaking from near hypothermia with the two now quite unhappy frozen puppies, and the cold whiteness of snow nightmare number one did finally end.

Although it’s true that the snow itself couldn’t have prevented such an experience from being so, I still hold every second of that morning close to heart as a reminder of being utterly and completely helpless and frightened, traumatized by a then never ending wall of little flakes both cold and unforgiving.

~ by The Fayte Poet on 01/22/2014.

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