Falling Out, Breaking In

And you better know now that he’s lyrical,

A poet broke down

When the whole rap scene’s so empirical,

The new blood wonders just how far they’ll fall

The premise coming from a narrow view,

Words all wrong spoken by faulty crews,

You’ve gotta see their’s nothing wrong with you,

Or you’ll just end up being broken and used,

Another Poor soul
Fractured and bruised,

Each breath in
Hollow and cool,

You’ll finally end up a disposable tool

And it’s gotta be clear that he’s lyrical,

A poet speaking out
A bloody miracle,

The crowd growing loud when they hear the call,

As his fresh face goes from not to all,

And again he says that he’ll break their rules,

The wit so sharp it’ll fell the fools,

The next words coming
Crushing the cruel,

As burdens are lifted
revealing a clearer view,

And with those words he’s ready,
Not shaking but steady,
They’ll ponder his heading
And precisely he’ll say it,
He’s standing much taller,
With each line he’s stronger,
The words spoken harder,
As jaws drop in wonder,
He’s got this act conquered,
The sounds of the crowd a new dream to be fathered

And it’s proven out loud that he’s lyrical,

The poet so proud of his spoken call,

When the world hears him they’ll all be enthralled,

His dreams finally fulfilled in a concert hall.

~ by The Fayte Poet on 10/12/2013.

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