Fleeing the Fate Yet Decided

His heart ached, hollow broken beats with the never-ending nightmare streaming in his dream.

Empty words never uttered, fear slowly falling from his eyes, the tears clouding them from blue to gray.

Please hear my plea as a simple poet lead with empty destiny,

Understand the questions where answers were crushed under the weight of mediocrity.

His undeserving humility, struggle to admit the failure with frail and fragile heresy.

His mind raced, words bound in books yet to be written, he loved, beauty above in clouds had him smitten.

Fairy tale endings to existent reality, conquered mountains with superhuman agility, the wisdom to fall rising from prayers unspoken,

We have earned our place among each other,

Judgement weighty with boons and bane.

Believe in the miracle of events never happening,

Pursue myth and legend as if the very breath was taken from your lungs as if you need challenge to bear witness to greatness.

His soul was void of fate,

Debating nothings while mattered minutes slipped from tightly clenched palms, nails digging into sinew and bone,

The choice you choose is what you decide alone…

Woe won’t exist in these places we own, home is made of risk,

The award finding solitude,

Patience a virtue for the steady heavy hand.

Jaded memories grown in moments never resting,

Testing the borders which you wouldn’t pass…

Truth fragment

Sincerity firm

Emotion hinted

And lessons learned

Along a road yet traveled, A story not written.


The Pandoric Fae Poet

Devin Erebus Faye

~ by The Fayte Poet on 08/25/2013.

2 Responses to “Fleeing the Fate Yet Decided”

  1. “Woe won’t exist in this places we own,” Great line and idea.

    • Thanks 🙂 I JUST went through and tidied up my writing a smidgen, so that particular line is a bit more grammatically correct. I often write and directly post in the same moment, so It takes just a bit to find those lines and make them better hahaha.

      Thanks for commenting and reading as well!

      The Pandoric Fae Poet

      Devin Erebus Faye

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