Sliced and Diced (Potentially Uncomfortable Content)

Guess what?

I made good choices!

Yep, yet again, I broke down in such a way that I scared the begeevus out of everyone who cares about me.

Anybody want to take a guess on what I’m feeling right now?

Frankly, fucking unhappy.

BUT, I can’t let that hinder making headway.

See, my life happens in stages of things that go REALLLLLY wonderful and then those that make me literally facepalm until my head hurts….

Lately, it’s been the former but as of this week, it decided to come by and kick my ass onto the curb (This is both metaphorical and physical)

And here I am…

Barely knowing how to keep my head on (If I wasn’t so afraid of having the universe explode if I actually got it off….) is something in which I’ve not quite got down to an art.

Maybe this time I won’t have a swift kick to the bollocks experience.

Of course, I’m panicking to make sure said pain doesn’t affect my very state of being but the universe does just seem to adore making me a horrible lair.

Truthfully, I have one word to describe all of it.


Really, just… Whatever.

I’ve done this before.

I’ve failed.

I’ll be doing it again.

Maybe, just maybe losing my dignity alongside a fair amount of blood will be a grand enough sacrifice to reverse this terrible curse called “Surviving”

Because honestly?

I just want to fucking live.


The Pandoric Fae Poet
Devin Erebus Faye

(As a never again occuring side-note, I really hate having to edit a post to get WordPress to center my damn posts…)

~ by The Fayte Poet on 08/01/2013.

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