Someone missed me?

Well, someone at least missed my writing. A few days ago (quite likely longer… Out of the loop on the interwebz) one of the individuals who has read some of the posts on this blog left me a very… Uplifting response to how I’ve been not posting and that it’s July.

You good sir, are one hundred percent completely correct.

As is only normal for myself, I’ve been incredibly distracted. Busy beyond mere excuses. I apologize for that.

I do however have to say that if not for all the lacking in keeping up with WordPress some amazing, fantastic, wonderful, exhaustive events may have never occurred.

First off, I am again a legal citizen of my home state of Colorado. Since March of this year I had been coasting on the nice borderline between extreme vagabondism and deserving of something much better. Second, I have glasses again… On that wonderful note, I’ll say that I haven’t had the damned things for the last 8 months.

Talk about a clearer perception on what is directly ahead of you.

And then, we come down to what I’ve been doing creatively…

As a self-proclaimed Never-To-Be visual artist, I’ve been abusing the balls out of visual mediums.

I’ve been recently retaught how to sew, been painting with acrylics, using crayons to make “Spontaneous American Koi”, and all around been visually creating a monster.

“Well then, why haven’t you written?”

Simply, writer’s block.

It’s awful. It’s nonsense. It’s unavoidable.

I’ve been lacking in my poetic nature.

Maybe this isn’t the best way to prove that, but I thought the single individual who kindly bitched me out deserved something…

Hopefully, I’ll find a way to keep this up.

Writing is by far the key to my happiness and as such, I fully expect to find myself being here soon.

My life is coming together folks.

As always, I adore every single one of you.


The Pandoric Fae Poet

Devin Erebus Faye


~ by The Fayte Poet on 07/25/2013.

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