Bittersweet. Not the Park…. This Time.

Today, I had an entire set of years invade my emotions. Peers from way back when graduating was both the highlight to my day and the reason to slump in my seat.

Whether they know it, I’m so very proud of doing something I never did…. And though I don’t agree with our education system in the States, I’ll never do what my friends Al, Briannah, and Brittany did today. 50+ credits, required college credits, the emphasis on KEEPING art in our community… These are AMAZING feats. These are commendable actions, taking much time… All in the effort of having a better life.

For all the wisdom I’ve gained in my events, I’ll never do something as great as them.

If you three ever read this, I hope you realize the amount of joy I hold for your accomplishments. The determination to do something boring, sometimes idiotic, often stressful… That’s more reason that I KNOW you’ll do something great.

Don’t just reach for the stars though… You deserve to know you ARE one. Brightness in the dark, a leader for those lost, warmth and company.

Congratulations UCPS 2013 Graduates.

You’ve made it!


The Pandoric Fae Poet

Devin Erebus Faye


~ by The Fayte Poet on 05/25/2013.

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