The Press Praise the Proud, the Privileged, and the Political.

But never do the praise the professional, the philosophical, the poor men with who our country lies to keep floating only long enough to tire out and drown. One of the papers located in my town has recently praised the public school district for it’s ability to “.. do a lot to help kids graduate and make sure they get challenged in the classroom.”, but never has this particular paper mentioned that according to state wide assessments, less then 40% (As an AVERAGE between the three high schools within Greeley-Evans District 6) have tested as PROFICIENT or ADVANCED within the categories of Writing, Math, Reading, and Science… Less the FORTY percent testing at a BASIC level… Enough to function in today’s world.

And this district is getting PRAISED for contributing to that percentage.

And the worst of it is that these teachers, superintendents, and parents all believe that the most important  aspect of education is graduating. Not the understanding of things that have been learned, not critical thinking, nor the ability to do basic math, reading, or writing… Nope, making it into the big, wide, dangerous world with a diploma is far more important then being an educated individual.

And some people wonder why my generation is so damn idiotic? Really? Because though being more understanding then my prior generations is a wonderful claim to have, it’s not the CORRECT claim to have…

Understanding only gets you so far in life. Being able to solve problems in an intelligent manner is far more important however…. And It kills me that at the young age of 21, one of the few I know to have “failed” High School, and the person who is currently and has been homeless, I have more understanding of what’s going on in today’s world then my elders.

Am I allowed to be upset? Allowed to feel that It’s insulting to be where I am when people with basic level skills are surviving while I’m struggling?

Because I’m here… And I am. I’m insulted, I’m angry, i’m disappointed, and I’m weighed down with the knowledge of having more to give then sixty plus percent of people within a decade of my age. What can I do but express honestly what I know to be true?


The Pandoric Fae Poet

Devin Erebus Faye


~ by The Fayte Poet on 05/22/2013.

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