These are dreams. Achievable ones.

What if I told you I was following my dreams? Would you believe me or would the idea be far too silly to take seriously? What If I told you that my dreams involved making a publication in my home town? That the entire creative endeavor involved two distinctly wonderful individuals, one of who is a photographer, (The very photographer who has captured pictures of myself that make me HAPPY) and the other a recent friend (Though one I can relate to in many different ways) with graphic design knowledge.

What if I told you that we had an IndieGoGO campaign in the works…. That the entire act of dreaming has potential to be pushed into a real, solid, tangible space and product?

Well, these are dreams… And they ARE achievable ones.

Welcome to an idea just crazy enough to be plausible. <—- Quickwitted, is the culmination of three young minds working in tandem (and for FREE) to further each of our prospective crafts, bring a community of individuals together under the banner of professional, entertaining, and appreciative art, and ultimately, deliver a quality publication that gives art in our community a better then second glance.

Quickwitted is something both familiar and unique. In one way, the community of Greeley Colorado has proven that the support local arts, as we have 17 galleries in a small area. On the other hand, it’s that very number that proves that Greeley hasn’t gotten it’s act together. With the publication, I honestly believe that Franz Villalobos Quinones (Our photographer), Seth Haller (Our Graphic Designer) and I, all have the ability to make a big difference in providing a lacking service to our community. Quickwitted can bring art to an audience who otherwise wouldn’t see it.

I’m hoping that though things seem brief, that maybe the idea is crazy, you would understand just how important it is that this funding happen. Part of business is start up cost, and this IndieGoGO campaign gives us all just enough of positive, that it would keep us going for half a year. Not many publications can promise that long of a period of work, nor can many publications claim that they are willing to work for a community, instead of themselves.

Nothing I’ve worked on means this much to me, so ANY donations help our spirits AND they help our cause.

As always, I hope everyone of you takes the time to enjoy your day. You are valuable.


The Pandoric Fae Poet

Devin Erebus Faye

~ by The Fayte Poet on 05/14/2013.

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