Red Snow, Falling White

How often do you look at your life?

How often do you sit down and wonder what you’ve done, where you’re going to be in twenty years, who you have made a difference to, why you keep moving forward, when you’ll be happy, and how you’ll look when you are….

How often do you wonder what that gorgeous girl you just met thinks about you?

How is that best friend you used to know doing?

How that amazing girl you look up to keeps her feet under her when she falls?

What about these new people you’ve just met? What have you done for them?

Are you just another silly child, are you something special, are you nothing at all?

And how about that entire city that you haven’t met yet… That whole wide world of faces you’ll never meet?

When’s the last time you’ve cried? And I don’t mean cry because you think that your dreams are dependent on what others think of you, but that type of cry where you wonder if you’ll ever not be as awful a person as you are…. Stuck in politics that never were.

I wonder if you even know how sad you are…. If you’ll ever be happy with yourself. Find yourself worthy of others time instead of making up for mistakes that are just that. Mistakes.

I wonder if you see how amazing you are silly boy. I wonder if you know just how important and big you’ll soon be. About how you can make people smile genuinely… And how you never do the same.

I wonder if you’ll ever not be afraid to fall in love again. It’s been almost three years since you took that ring and tossed it across the room. Been almost three years since you’ve cried yourself to sleep…

She didn’t love you. That’s a solid fact. That’s something you can’t ever seem to understand. And the truth is, you deserved so much better… You deserve to be loved, not used.

And that family that you claim to not know about? Look up someday. You’ll find some of the most sincere eyes looking at you. Seeing how wonderful a gift you are.

So what if it’s surrounded by human judgement? So what if you’re afraid of being seen?

Those eyes are filled with beauty and passion too.

They hold just as much harbored emotion as your own. Each story as important. Each word left unsaid the saddest action taken.

Because those eyes know pain too.

They know suffering and misunderstanding.

You aren’t alone… I promise that. I’ll be dead before that EVER happens. You’ll have made such a difference before that will ever matter again. And if by some random fluke you do end up on your own… Well, you have the unique ability of conquering every goal in front of you… Have this immeasurable drive of being you.

The one and only, Devin Erebus Faye.

You have a mind that’s been gifted with the ability of telling moving stories… Words are your art, your need to put them together, something special. And you’ve had a life that’s been filled with sorrow… With loss after loss, the world telling you you’ll never make it… That you’ll never be good enough.

And I know you see that they are wrong. I know that you see the good in these things, the beauty in darkness and frustration in light.

I know you… I know you because I AM YOU.

And we can’t keep doing this. We can’t keep telling ourselves that people are dangerous. That you can’t cry because it’s weak. That you aren’t worth a moment of anyone’s time…. Because you know that isn’t true.

YOU ARE LOVED Devin Erebus Faye.

So very, very loved… And I promise it get’s better. I promise you’ll find someone special again. Find someone who needs you as much as you need them.

So keep your chin up. Keep your drive going and feet moving. Keep fighting for that fairy-tale ending…. Because it will come. You’ll make it a reality even if it doesn’t seem possible.

I promise you it’ll happen.

~ by The Fayte Poet on 04/08/2013.

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