Take Your Pleasure Seriously ~ Charles Eames

Take that title seriously. No really, look into it. Read it again and again. Keep coming back to it and digest it’s every pleasantry.

We as a humanity too often put ourselves into situations that cause anguish or despair.
We as a people put too much faith into negativity instead of positivity.

Take more time to mourn and suffer then we do to laugh and smile.

Tell me why this is a normal action rather then a scarce one.

Because I’ve been too far down the same roads that many of you have and bounced back, always on my feet, never giving up, never backing down,

Taking each step forward with passion to let this dream of positive, genuine, and overwhelming inspiration die so silently.

I’m here to speak about happiness. To laugh in the face of darkness, because I’m brighter then the sun on my BAD days.

I’m here to preach about kindness, because all too often I see people struggling under heavy loads ready to admit defeat.

I’m here to remind you your weakness, because every time you challenge it, it shrivels and eventually leaves.

I’m here, to speak about grandiose dreams, to be head in the clouds in an effort to amplify my sounds.

My words aren’t just eloquent or exotic, their emotional and efficient, earned through battle after battle of self… The oldest of my enemies.

My speech is a reminder of every single failure I’ve gotten past, Every goal fought to my last breath, every heartache and broken body a point of contention to do better.

You are HUMAN. The Perfection of Imperfect. Flawed so much it’s common, gifted with the means to dream big, to follow through every destructive intention to have the purest perfection in the end.

You are worth more then time can give, the world owing you their weight in gold, and surrounded by people in needs… Don’t just sit their and plead for change…


Take action! Speak! Preach! Move Forward! Be Courageous! Be Strong! Show Weakness!


And most importantly,

Remember to have fun doing it.


The Pandoric Fae Poet

Devin Erebus Faye

~ by The Fayte Poet on 04/04/2013.

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