Gepetto Part 1

My heart ticks instead of beats.

Skin made of polished mahogany and joints, ivory.

I creak when I move or when I’m low on oil.

These gears inside rotate awkwardly.

My creator cognizant but whirring in thoughts, brought me to life with a clockwork key.


I wish I were a real boy.


The kids at school often tease my machinations, open my chest and play with the machines.

Too much torque and that spring will pop, taking me apart from the inside.

But that girl who sits in the corner and hardly ever speaks, she’s kind to me…

I wish I was a real boy, so that way she’d like me.


Father Time told me I was unique.

That the rotating mashes of metal was a miracle, that the whirring and whizzing a tone all my own.


But I still wish I was a real boy, because that girl from school wouldn’t fear me like the other kids do,

Because she’d speak more if she knew she could be heard over this ever quickening internal cacophony.


She wasn’t at school today and a gear spun too fast in my chest when I saw the empty seat.

I wonder where she could be?

Another day gone by and she still was missing. My sprockets are coming loose as the things inside me shake violently.


Mother Nature came into class today.

She told all of us to hush our mouths, but when the room was silent, I was still too loud.

She took me to the hall, told me that Grandfather Clock had found the girl in a ditch,

that her parents had buried her body near the trees out east.


It dawned on me that I had come from that way, the mahogany bits from some groves out there.

Maybe she knew I was a real boy.

That if she would go away  she would someday be another part of me.

Maybe one day Gepetto would make another like me, a sister.


Maybe she would wish she was a real girl.



The Pandoric Fae Poet

Devin Erebus Faye

~ by The Fayte Poet on 03/27/2013.

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