This building will be the death of me.

What do drywall, low inclined ceilings, and dark holes that look like another part of the floor have in common?

They all attempted to kill me yesterday.

it’s true, I worked far too much yesterday (Can you say 36 hour work day?) with the epitome of tired and worn down coming with the transfer of gross, somewhat molded over, much too heavy drywall slabs from an old roof of a separate building, to the new roof/room of a new building, to the main floor and gallery area, and lastly to the back of an area with far too much time spent figuring out how to do it all in-between. When you put five people twenty-one or younger into a situation where someone has to lead, it all tends to… devolve into madness.

And after the events of yesterday and with much deliberation, (The whole of 4 seconds) I have decided that I would rather be sleeping in a nice, warm, comfortable bed after having taken a shower, then to be awake, writing and catching up on Facebook and WordPress posts, and doing my new regular schedule.

Am I complaining?

You bet you bitter inner artist I am. Yesterday was damn productive, but If everyday is like this moving forward, I’m going to be dragging myself to the library instead of walking. I’m exhausted in more ways than should be allowed… Or even existent. Though, I do have to admit that much laughter and bonding was had… So if anything, yesterday was a double success.  Physical labor AND social events were both had and both went by well.

Now I get to ask myself what is on the agenda for today… Truthfully, I’m not sure. I know that I need to eat lunch as I missed breakfast (Yay cold floors and sleeping in late!) and that I need to finish up some planning and poetry… But other than these things, my day is dead, and I feel that it needs to be filled with something amazing and fantastic. The issue with experiencing a phenomenal lifestyle is that once you get used to the extremes, you never quite figure out the “normal” days, and then you get really bored when something doesn’t jump at your face screaming things like “I really enjoy blue cheese!” or “This is what you get for hurting my friends!” or “That was the last donut! You and I shall fight to the death!”, Which two of those things really happened….

I’ll let you figure out which two =O.o=

Oh! I also have been playing guitar daily! And yes, I can actually begin to use just the word “play” instead of the words “attempting to play”. As is usual for my musician side of the brain, I don’t know notes, I can’t remember proper fingering, and I still happen to put things together in such a  way that I seem to be a natural at it. This, is really a curse instead of a blessing.

“Oh, you play guitar?” “Nope, I just strum until it sounds good”

I wish I had more at the moment to fill in and report, however It’s been a bit of a dry day so far, I’ve yet to entirely wake up, and part of me really wishes I had some poetry to put up instead.

I love you all, come back and visit me again, and make sure to make your day wonderful!


The Pandoric Fae Poet

Devin Erebus Faye


~ by The Fayte Poet on 03/26/2013.

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