And then, their was a 1960’s MG MGB in the building…

Yeah. This Happened.

Yeah, this happened.

Welcome to culture shock.

The very essence of “Am I dreaming” running through my head at a million thoughts a second, the very nature of something so expensive being within arms reach, and the sudden understanding that I was surrounded by successful individuals who fought for their success… This WAS reality.

Again, this was the stuff of dreams. The reality of it all sinking in fully and really soaking my frame… I’m going to make it. I’m going to make it big. These connections, these opportunities, these people… They are another world to me.

This really is a fairy tale in the making.

But that’s not where this story ends. Fitting though it may be, this is just the beginning, and I’ll be sure to guide this story to a place that shakes what amazing stories are really made to be.

This is something I wish to admit honestly.

In other amazing but separate news, the wonderful individuals that I had met at the Aftermath event are coming back from spring break and I am super stoked to see their wonderful smiling faces. I think a part of me is just happy to have finally found another INFJ personality type to share time with, but if I were to admit that completely, I believe that would devalue how happy I was that someone quite random had become very important in my life in a single set of circumstances… That would be really frustrating to admit that my happiness relies on events or people rather than pure dedication and work.

That’s something I hope I wouldn’t ever truly fall into.

Now that I’ve made half a lick of sense for today, (Have I mentioned that I’ve had caffeine today, that I’ve had a large amount of it, and that I’m super sensitive to caffeine? Yeah, probably should’ve been the first thing to say…) I’ve got to bid all of you readers a good day, and wish you a wonderful end to the week.

If you have plans for easter this coming week, (Doesn’t time just pass so quickly?! I swear it was New Years Eve just yesterday.) you should leave a comment below and let me know what it is, because as much as I enjoy seeing lovely little stars and notifications in my little panel up top and to the right, (I see you wonderfully nerdy black and white photo!) I would like to also see those claiming that I have people interested enough to not only read but communicate with my work… With me.

Lots of love, thought, and most importantly, worth to you!


The Pandoric Fae Poet

Devin Erebus Faye

~ by The Fayte Poet on 03/24/2013.

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