So… I Shaved Off My Eyebrows.

The title of this post isn’t just a wonderful way to catch your attention, it’s full blown truth 🙂

As of Thursday evening, I have lost 21 years of eyebrow hair, and it’s all because I was evolving into Einstein… Which by the way, was sort of awesome an an “I’m already two points from a genius level IQ anyways” kind of way.

So… Yeah. I had a wonderful last couple of days laughing at myself and laughing with others at myself. The whole situation was a bit of a silly nightmare and though I appreciate the humour of it, I do dearly miss having the bushy masses of emotion expressing amazing.

RIP dear eyebrows… You Shall be missed.

I’ve digress however and begin another topic in order to entertain and leave myself less vulnerable.

Last night I had another experience with finding myself looking from eyes that weren’t mine. It was just as amazing as the other morning, so though it’s overwhelming to have such intense emotion shoved in my face, I enjoyed the laughter and happiness of knowing, without a single doubt or hesitation, that  I would be alright… I would make it.

Though, That wasn’t the only event that happened yesterday either. You see, I’ve grown up surrounded by a variety of people, all of them varied greatly and all providing many avenues of thought for me to explore. I can admit openly that I’ve had experiences following the faith and machinations of Taoism, Buddhism, Christianity in several denominations, extreme Druidism and Wicca beliefs… Many of these have provided information to observe the world in different and sometimes unique ways, so when I notice something as simple as a set of dove feathers on the sidewalk or little ground twisters dancing around my feet, I observe with whole hearted attention.

Yesterday was full of symbolism that was directly related to letting go. To having my soul understand that everything will be alright and that I’m walking the right path. This has been the best month of my life, with not a single event marring my outlook to deeply, and with every action and event making my true self understand the joy of living.

I am more than blessed to be alive, still have much of my life to grow, share, and conquer… Not a lot of people my age can admit that.

It is with much love and affection that I bid you a wonderful day.

You are worth more than you can imagine. These words are honest truth.

Believe them.


The Pandoric Fae Poet

Devin Erebus Faye

~ by The Fayte Poet on 03/23/2013.

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