Deliberate Human Realism

At the core of human nature, lies the theories of fundamental good and fundamental evil. Two conflicting theories, that state that man is either born inherently good or inherently evil. By definition polar opposites. By idealism close cousins.

A lie. A fake. An artificial humanity truly ruled by depravity. A toss-up of whether the world is constantly faking itself. Constantly battling for the true title of simple realism. What is the true self but desire? A desire to fill a void. And the choices taken are almost always on the dividing line.

Each step echoing down a lonely road. Each breath in and out. Each token of the affections we never truly see leaping out of our arms, screaming out in agony as the loss is too often too great. What choice would I really take when the monster I see is more human than the rest of humanity. I’m a fake but I’m more real than the real thing. I’m the valid choice. I’m the voices inside of your head telling you to let go of yourself, to help those in need.

What can you do but beg and plead for mercy. For enlightenment. For answers to questions which you never vocally asked. The ones playing like broken records inside of your head. Asking if the choice is dead. Asking if me, helping you, will help me feel real. Feel tangible. Feel human.

And this monster that I claim to keep so wholly under wraps, is far more of the issue then the fundamentals behind “Deliberate Human Realism” where the questions I fail to ask, but with answers already felt, are keeping the monsters true form hidden.

Every argument brought back to the self. Every fault scrutinized when we answer the questions, with more questions, with more answers.

I’m a buried treasure, and the monsters in my soul are just as easily put in this grave that I’ve been digging.

I’m no more a lie then your eyes are blind. I see clearly the person who is escaping the forged papers.

The weak metal chains.

The artificial humanity.

I’m not a true monster if I take the time to question these actions to keep harm at bay. And so to put it into simple realism, my fake attitude to hide a lie poorly made is hypocrisy, and therefore a deliberate attempt at good.

I’m no less human, no more monster, no less good, no more evil, then the humans with which I live.

A hypocrite hidden as a monster claiming to be a human in disguise… Try to see through all of these lies.


The Pandoric Fae Poet

Devin Erebus Faye

~ by The Fayte Poet on 03/22/2013.

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