A Series of FORTUNATE Events

Oh look! Part two of today’s experience in writing!

I would suppose that with my almost random increase in likes and followers that I’m doing SOMETHING right, and that makes me smile.

The above sentences may be an odd way to open the doors to an update, but today has been the epitome of wonderful, and I feel as though that may be leaking into my norms.

Apologies if this does bother you, as the intent here is to both continue to write quality material and also write for those that do happen upon me.

Now that the basics are out of the way, here lies the meat and potatoes of this particular post.

Within the last 18 hours, I had been struggling with the idea of continuing the pursuit of this dream. It was an unfortunate truth that I’m ashamed to admit now, but when you’ve advanced in life by removing negativity and then have dramatic individuals unable to be removed from around you, it tends to mess with your base emotions.

However, I had chosen to take a night to think about it. I took a break from working at the Art Space, took a break from being in a place that continues to make me smile, (despite the realization that I was going to potentially snap at common idiocy) and I chose to sleep at the overflow in my local shelter… This normally would have been something far from normal (As I have an overwhelming fear of being sexually assualted again) but for what the night was worth at the time, I removed myself from familiar scenery.

The night went well for those with interested, and I made it through without a single hitch…

In fact, I’m going to go again tonight.

It was an early morning today too with a 5 AM wake up, myself out of the building by 5:15 and over to the Art Space by 6 AM. The sun still being down and my body still struggling with groggy grossness, (By the way, am I the only one that struggles with going from non-normal things to normal ones?) I made a pot of coffee. 5 cups later (Woooh caffiene!) and it was 6:45 AM… Which meant that for the first morning in close to a year, I had the chance to go eat breakfast. Mind offically blown with this realization, I headed over to Salvation Army for the meal… And you know what I noticed?

Freaking gorgeous sunrise… The dawn of the day had come right at this point. Something I believe I haven’t mentioned in a detailed admittance yet, is the fact that I have both a Photography addiction AND a Sky addiction, so the combination of these two had lead to me walking backwards, pulling out my old smart phone (Which was only expensive for it’s kick ass built in camera) and snapping close to thirty pictures on my way to eat. Funnily enough, this lead me to being about 15 minutes late into getting anything, and so I only had a bowl of cereal.

And once all of this was done, I left the building to find even MORE photo oppurtunities, and I took them… After having my photo fix for the day, and being about halfway to where I needed to be, I had the thoughts of what I was going to choose to do pop back to the front of my conciousness. This is what I do. I tend to overthink.

Today, this lead to a beautiful and amazing realization… One that is going to affect the rest of my life.

You see, I had the briefest of glimpses of my destiny. Where I lie in the vast weave of the world. What I’m good for… My reason of being. And I didn’t see this through my eyes.

No, I saw it through something much larger than myself. Saw it through eyes that made all the details clear and at this moment of complete and total clearity I looked up to know that LIFE had DAWNED on me.

You know what I did at this moment?

I laughed. I laughed so hard that I started to cry. I cried so hard that it felt like every last opposition and obstacle I  had been having was nothing of consequence. This is the ultimate truth.

Nothing, will stop me from being me. Nothing will stop me from having random conversations that lead to wonderful friendships… Nothing will stop me from pursuing writing everyday or from smiling simply because I can.

This is fantastic. Amazing. Wonderful. Brilliant. This is the very epitome of living… The things that humanity struggles for. I, Devin Erebus Faye, got to witness that this morning.

So here’s the plan for moving forward.

  1. I again express to the drama king, that I have no need to speak or communicate with him. The resources he provides are not unique and that this isn’t open for compromise.
  2. Keep my eyes on the prize. I’m here to make a difference. To bring people to places they were hoping to be.
  3. Follow the gut… I’m a proud Piscean, an INFJ Myers Briggs type, and my intuition has been one of the greatest gifts that I could’ve been given.
  4. Smile, have fun, keep living my dreams. Each and every person deserves to see sorrow and suffering turn into the brighest of lights…

I hope that someday, I can be that light.


The Pandoric Fae Poet

Devin Erebus Faye

~ by The Fayte Poet on 03/21/2013.

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