Predetermined Destinies

I believe we all need a reason to be. Believe that every person struggles with the idea of belonging, of sometimes being alone, and needing to believe that they have a place to call home, and within the confines of an everyday world, I don’t see this happening nearly enough…

The world isn’t sad. The world just isn’t happy.

Truthfully, my heart aches for us. For humanity and it’s devalued sense of living… For the people who believe that nothing good will ever come. That they have nothing to give.

Let me tell you something.

YOU have something to give.

It’s true, you, child of mediocrity,child of unfelt worth and occasional sorrows, YOU, the one and only YOU, have something to give this world.

Don’t ever believe that you don’t… Because anything as simple as a smile can change a life. Anything as little as meeting eyes can shake someones life. Lending an ear to listen, having a heart to beat, the mind to think, the air coming out of your lungs reminding someone else to breath, BELIEVE ME when I say that YOU are worth everything. YOU are amazing and wonderful, beautiful and unique, valued and loved. YOU are needed. I need you… I NEED you child who struggles… I need to see you through your struggles because, I struggled too. I know what it’s like to hurt. Know what it’s like to want to die and to be depressed.

I UNDERSTAND the sorrow. The empty space inside of your chest.

I’ve been where you are. I KNOW that it feels broken.

But BELIEVE ME when I tell you it WILL get better. It WILL work out.


I promise you, you’ll be happy someday…

That you’ll find that gorgeous girl who walks into your life and wishes you a happy birthday and makes a bidgdeal of it. You’ll be surrounded by friends and an amazing community of people who make you believe that YOU are something. That every time you begin to feel that you’re falling that FATE will come by and pick you up from off your feet.

Devin Erebus Faye…. Please just believe.

Just see you here, in this moment, writing and thinking about the reasons that you are still being. Because the truth is, that this predetermined destiny ends with you being HAPPY.


~ by The Fayte Poet on 03/19/2013.

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