The Crimson History of Wonderland

In the land of wonder,

Where Alice once did slumber,

Where Red Queen thundered,

And heads fell severed,

Where right was wrong and wrong was right,

Madness the norm and ever a fight,

Evening to day with unpredictable darkness echoed in light,

Clover – Heart – Spade – Diamond

Never a suitor but pledged to a suit,

Always a struggle and non too long ruled,

The faceless worthless, disposable tools,

And before a matter could come to a close,

the trumps, the faces of the decks,

The hatters and jokers, kings, queens, and jacks,

Partake in furious calamity, the revered cacophony, speckled in insanity,

All the faces come to one place, fighting over aces, the means to the end,

End to the squabbles, the fights, the brawls,

the beginnings of bygone eras, their times too soon to fall,

Each suit a-suiting, preparing for wars,

The truth of these lands, Killing is it’s core,

Rivers of red, innumerable dead,

Pike, sword, spear, and bows,

Guns and Cannons, Any tool to maim their foes,

The history of wonderland written on blood,

Crimson writing, ink provided by the flood….

All changed when Alice came to play, the game no longer solely to wound and maim,

Alice the outsider.

A whole new sound.

A new voice.

A new person.

A whole new choice.

What will Wonderland further wonder?

Will this query tear it asunder….


~ by The Fayte Poet on 03/07/2013.

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