Where Time Meets Reality

Welcome to day Number 2 of a consistent upkeep of writing for The Pandoric Fae Poet – Devin Erebus Faye.

Let me begin by saying that I happen to be super excited with the response I had from my FB community. If you are one of those wonderful souls who has come from that stream of social anxieties, THANK YOU! I’ve said it once and will say it again, you are all extraordinarily wonderful, and I could never replace a single one of you!

If you happen to be coming from a different source entirely, then don’t fret… One of the things I’ve learned to appreciate more and more, is the fact that each and every view, each person from every referred or random source, is an amazing addition to a writers reader-base. (Apologies for the potential madness derived from word combinations… And yes, I do it often. Shakespeare did it too :P)

Though I have to admit that today is going to be a laid back day on writing. Not much has been happening as far as RL (Real Life) and part of the hesitation to do too much is attached to this… See, being homeless and balancing time and reality is my first priority. And though I’ve admitted that I’m looking to do this blogging full time, I’m still worried about surviving and getting back up on to my feet.

It’s an absurd emotion to be sure.

On one hand, I’ve been applying to job after job (93 Apps as of this last week) and on the other hand, I’ve been fighting an economic nightmare for almost 6 months now… If I believed in destiny or fate or being lead down paths, I would have nothing else to say but I’m not supposed to get a “REAL” job. And though I don’t believe in Railroaded living (What GM does that? Seriously…) I do believe in the fact that my life has been a constant proven irony. (Oh you received a job that pays a higher pay than the majority of most fast food managers? Let’s give you Strep and Bronchitis in the same flipping day… )

So, I think now is the time to probably admit that I really should chase after this far fetched dream of being a prolific writer, a well known spoken word artist, and a person who is not only remembered for the fight he fought, but also for being someone who passes on that almost nonsensical need to love and be loved… No matter the situation.

Well, here it all is… The thoughts that I’ve been thinking for today.

I realize it’s not as mind blowing or as deep as what I had yesterday, but I think that sometimes you have to have something normal to say. If you run the gambit of amazing everyday, then people start to question the truth of your humanity… Or at least if you are as human as you claim! 😛

Take care Word Press!

I hope that your day is filled with the potential to be a fairy tale in disguise!

Devin Erebus Faye


~ by The Fayte Poet on 03/01/2013.

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