A Frusterated Post From A Supporter Of Equal Treatment For Humanity

I would have never expected myself to find that my the first post I would put up in a long planned blog, would be one that touches on a subject that I feel both fresh into and yet also deeply involved in.

My name is Devin Erebus Faye. Really my name is Corey Devin Ramsey, but as a spoken word artist and emotionally attached writer, I thought it would be “Cool” to find and promote an alter ego for myself… Thus, The Pandoric Faye Poet AKA Devin Erebus Faye, was born.

Though I could have never guessed in my years that I would have such strong emotions towards a topic that has seemed to recently increase in virality over the internet, I’ve found myself listening to more and more thoughts on the topics of Feminism, Gender Equality, and the support of “atypical” behavior of women…. Which in some long winded way, has recently equated to myself challenging not only the need for Gender Equality, but also the need for Human Equality.

I’ll be the first to admit that when I was a young lad growing up, my mother raised me to be a “Gentleman”. I was told that in a relationship, I was to pull out the chair for my date, open doors for strangers, and to put the toilet seat up when using it, and down when done…. Today, these things I still do, but I’ve also from experience started to be second guessing them.

See, I’ve begun to realize that the world my mother raised me in, and the women she taught me to respect, are no longer the same women of my generation… No longer the same kind of women that my mother raised me to think of. And this isn’t something I would neccessarily notice if it weren’t for the fact that I’ve had more women around my age find this behavior “Disrespectful”.

“I can pull out my own chair” or “I can get the door myself”.

I never once believed that I would find myself frustrated with being kind to people in general…. Because the truth of this situation is, that my mother raised me to a be a MAN loving a WOMAN and I find myself to be a MAN loving a HUMAN.

If sexual orientation were to be important in a situation where equality for humanity were needed, then I would self admit to being “Bisexual”… Though for the majority of the last three years of my life, I would be labeled “Asexual”. And the sad truth of the matter is that, the fair majority of the people I know have the need for labels. They have the need to make sure that whatever the topic is, that it has a specific set of attributes that lead it to be nothing else but what the labels read it to be… As if a red van were to be entirely different as it’s white, yellow, or green counterparts.

As a self-proclaimed poet, writer, and statistically factual “Near Genius”, I find myself looking for both the beauty, and the flaws in the world I live. I have an ideal view of the world, but have also been in some of the worst life states that an American citizen can be.

I know what the reality of being homeless is like.

I know what being inside of a mental health facility as a yearly inpatient is like.

I know what statitically being in the lowest teirs of an already poor economic state is like.

And after all of these things, I also know that I find frustration in the society I happen to be apart of. I find fighting for equality to be a wonderful goal… Though the approach I often find to conquering such vast problems is degrading into a pigheaded and extreme tongue lashing where neither side of the equation is quite leveling out.

I agree that women should be on an equal level of importance as men.

If a women works just as hard or harder than the men in her same area of work, then she should be paid the exact same wage. If a women wants to be treated as an equal, then she deserves that.

The same can be said of men who wish to forego their stereotypes as well, however.

If a man wishes to write, to be emotional, to love unconditionally, or to even act feminine, that man should have his frustrations just as publicized as any women fighting for her right to be equal to any man… And from an experienced point of view, these things don’t happen. Gender equality doesn’t happen equally.

Another situation that I find frustrating and fascinating is the impressive push for the ending of rape and sexual assualts.

I love finding women who wish for such violent crimes to cease… But I find that the push is single sided. That the majority of stories and reasons to be, are all found from women who blame men for their sorrows.

What about the men who have been violated by women? Are the stories they own less important simply because they are less known? That statistically, they are less reported?
Isn’t that thought process the exact same extremism that misandry promotes?

The idea that something is of lesser value is what is wrong with the society of today. Not just the kinds that come with gender equality… But the kinds that come with human equality.

Think about the things you take for granted…. I know I never stop.

Devin Erebus Faye


~ by The Fayte Poet on 02/28/2013.

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